The future is here

    "The future is here. It's just not evenly distributed yet. ” William Gibson
    “ The future has already come. It's just that it is still not evenly distributed. ” William Gibson

    Thanks to innovator for a great quote. Indeed, in some places of our planet, pestilence, famine and drought, in others - 3G, WiMax and mobile communications. So we travel in time.
    I invite readers and bloggers of habr to welcome the advance of the future in different places of the globe, seen with their own eyes and caught by photo / video cameras. In the blog I want to see original copyright news, photos and comments on them, telling about the use of high technology in everyday life on planet Earth, the fundamental differences between life in different countries, just interesting photos and facts, collected by Habrahlyudi independently from around the world.
    The future is here. (click to connect)

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