New York Times becomes social

    Today, one of the leading US newspapers The New York Times began direct cooperation with 3 social networks - Digg , Facebook and Newsvine - introducing the possibility of direct posting to these networks in most articles on its website.

    A heading and a small part of the article’s text are added to the social network site. The innovation, however, did not affect all materials - direct posting capabilities are not included in articles from TimesSelect , journalism blogs, hot news feeds and other sold content.

    Development and Strategic Planning Manager Christine Topalian notedthat the newspaper "is looking for ways to attract a technically advanced audience accustomed to commenting and disseminating news." Newsvine Mike Davidson, executive director of the Seattle-based 6-person startup, said the collaboration was a huge breakthrough for his project (by the way, the least hyped out of three). Comments on the possible New York Times investment in Newsvine Mike Davidson declined ...

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