Kommersant and MAIL.RU conducted an experiment on promotion in social networks

    I climbed along Habr and realized that no one here had informed local residents about the joint project between Kommersant and Mile.Ru. So, I’ll try to fill this gap, since exactly two months have passed (!).

    And so, discussions inside Kommersant began in mid-September, and on October 12, the experiment was already launched and announced. Well, as announced? Yes, there was simply a publication about this in Kommersant . In short, if you read letters quite lazy, the bottom line is that several companies were selected (22 + 6 as free agents) who wanted to test themselves in the Internet promotion on social networks. The role of Kommersant is to cover all this in its pages. Mail.ru, as I understand it, examination, technical platform, etc.

    Actually, the list of participating companies is here:http://www.kommersant.ru/money/social_project/

    There you can also find company reports (two months this is not a joke, a lot has accumulated) in which they tell what they did and what results they achieved. How frank the reports are for you to judge.

    By the way, I also take part in this project. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I am not an organizer and therefore can not be responsible for all projects. I joined one of the participants (Kosogorov Moonshine). By the way, moonshiners are the strangest of all 22 + 6 companies. They do not promote their moonshine at all (well, or almost do not promote it ... they didn’t promote me a single bottle :)), but they made a blog with KOSOGOROV SAMIZDAT (and this also applies to this branch of the hubr). This is not WEB 2.0 but rather the media of folk journalism about entrepreneurship. Everyone can be an author, but not like on blogs write what you like, but like with real media. Indeed, in KOSOGOROV SAMIZDAT there is an editorial staff consisting of moonshineers themselves ... well, royalties, like any decent media, are also paid (by the way, it’s quite at the level of 500 rubles a thousand rubles).

    First, all this KOSOGOROV SAMIZDAT existed in LiveJournal ( ru_kosogorov ) (he actually lives there now), and now, through my efforts, I’ve moved to a standard blog ( samizdat.kosogorov.ru ). It is assumed that

    Someone else forgot to say ... And yes. Why are these moonshiners imagining themselves editors? It’s just that their composition is 75% combat acting journalists of Kommersant ... (+ I’m helping them from D-bar / EXPERT, though something doesn’t allow me to participate in editorial policy). I’m rather a “spontaneous marketer” + partly on the technical side. The site was cut out by him again, but I probably won’t tell about how I did it here ... for this there is a branch “ I am PR ”).

    PSIf you are interested in seeing in this branch of HABRA how this experiment of Kommersant and mail.ru is progressing, then signal. I will inform you of new reports, recent publications, etc. (for example, once a week or two). I can also tell you about the successes / failures of KOSOGOROV SAMIZDAT. If you don’t get all this, then also give a sign, cut off karma there or say in words. :)

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