CNN agrees to purchase Mashable

    Interesting news has surfaced today that CNN may acquire one of the largest IT-related blogs, Mashable, for approximately $ 200 million. The deal, as you can understand, is kept secret, but some information was leaked at one of the conferences, 2012 South by Southwest.

    The first to be given this information was one of the representatives of the Reuters news agency, named Felix Salmon. He managed to obtain transaction data from an anonymous source. It is worth recalling that Mashable was founded in July 2005, so $ 200 million is a good price for this resource. About 20 million unique visitors visit the blog per month.

    The news received by Salmon is partly confirmed by The New York Times. True, it is argued here that negotiations are not yet completed. As far as you can understand, all this should be confirmed tomorrow, CNN is going to officially announce the purchase of Mashable. In general, if the transaction takes place, then it is comparable to the purchase of the techblog Techcrunch. It was bought by AOL at a lower price, about $ 40 million.

    Via cnet

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