News Corp. plans to create a new national electronic newspaper for tablets and mobile phones


    If you remember, not so long ago, a huge number of media of various kinds published amazing news - Rupert Murdoch, head of News Corp., is going to make content on the sites of publications that are part of the corporation paid. Prior to this, almost all large and small media earned on their sites through advertising. Murdoch really didn’t like the fact that the content created by first-class journalists diverged free of charge, and even broadcasted on Google News. As a result, access to publications did become paid, and Google also made a deal with News Corp., returning news from the publications of this media corporation to its news aggregator. In general, we can say that the idea of ​​the 79-year-old Murdoch, if it did not become extremely successful, then did not fail, as many believed.

    The new edition will offer its readers short, interesting stories and news. Murdoch believes that this newspaper, which has no name yet, will become popular among lovers of electronic devices who work with information on the fly. Now, according to many experts, the audience of regular newspapers is gradually "aging", as young people and middle-aged people are more and more used to receiving information via the Internet, which is much more convenient than newspapers. Murdoch believes that the new electronic newspaper will attract young people who almost never read paper newspapers.

    Murdoch, by the way, believes that iPad tablet PCs in general will form new habits and standards of reading, as was done through the same iPod.

    As mentioned above, the new newspaper will offer its readers short news and reviews that can be quickly read, having a general idea of ​​what is happening in the world and the United States (the newspaper is still national). Murdoch is ready to invest millions of dollars in creating a new publication - the money will go to attract professional journalists, to acquire the necessary technical basis and other items of expenditure. Unfortunately, at least the approximate date of the start of work on a new media project is still unknown.

    But it is known in what form the publication will exist - for each of the supported device types (while the exact list is also unknown), a special application will be distributed, which will provide the best reading mode for each particular device. Interestingly, Murdoch also plans to monetize the publication through additional advertising. The exact cost of subscribing to the new edition is also not yet known, but most likely the subscription price will be approximately equal to the cost of subscribing to the Wall Street Journal via the iPad ($ 4 per week).

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