Write more about ... foreign policy!

    According to data for July, “Crime” has become the most popular heading in online media. In percentage terms, this section aroused almost the same interest both among journalists and among readers. 11.5% of the news from the entire July news flow was devoted to crime, and they accounted for 11.6% of visits.

    Few news, even despite the great interest of readers, turned out to be the headings "Foreign Policy" and "International Politics". These headings accounted for 10.8% and 6.3% of visits, while news was published only 2.9% and 1.4% of the total news flow.

    The opposite situation has developed under the heading “Football”. It turned out to be more popular among journalists than among readers. 3.3% of news and 0.9% of visits are devoted to this section.

    The popularity of all categories seehere .

    According to the statistics system "Inforotor".

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