World Blogosphere by Technorati

    Well, the September marathon of research publication has begun. Tehnorati this year decided to prolong the pleasure and publish research of state of the global blogosphere for 5 days. Next in line are blogosphere research from Yandex.

    I invite everyone to translate one day, and here publish links to the best translation of this global study. Сrowdsourcing forever;)

    1 day. Who are bloggers? The original .
    2 day. What is and why to blog. The original .
    3 day. How to blog. The original .
    4 day. How much they earn on blogs.
    5 day. Brands in the blogosphere. In my opinion, the most interesting day.

    Choose a theme. Good blogging!

    Want to help in a Russian-language study of the blogosphere ?

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