Why IT journalists are required to play computer games

    According to the American professor Larry Pryor, who teaches students at the famous Annenberg School of Communications, novice journalists need to be actively involved in virtual three-dimensional worlds. And not just to acquaint them with the new reality, but to force them to live in it for some time, to study its principles of existence, that is, to plunge there headlong.

    This kind of “multi-sensory presentation” allows journalists to expand their perception of the world and better understand how the achievements of science and technology can change our lives. Not only in the distant future, but in the very near future. This is absolutely necessary knowledge for a journalist who writes on IT topics.

    Computer games develop the thinking of a journalist. According to Professor Prior, “the goal is to use immersive gaming techniques as“ amplifiers of thought ”... For journalists, this means using a new dictionary, a new metalanguage.”

    In addition, virtual reality technology must be used when creating journalistic works. As an illustration of the article, you can publish a flash movie and a computer game. For example, it can demonstrate in practice the main thesis of scientific research or show options for the development of the political situation in the country.

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