What do friends tell you? Idea for StandAlone blogs.

    The appearance of a new interesting work, the birth of a child, moving ... you can continue the list of events that affect the amount of time required for blogging. As a result, the number of publications is naturally decreasing. I think that I was not the only one who faced such a situation. There are no less interesting topics from this - the reasonable question that arises every time I open the ScribeFire window is to choose what to write about. Everything that revolves in my head and this list is equally interesting to me ... Who will help in choosing?

    ... readers. Maybe it’s a bicycle invention again, but I haven’t seen such a way of using voting. If anyone saw somewhere, please show ...

    The idea is simple: a blog posting a vote with names and leads for future posts is posted; after a certain short period of time, it becomes easily clear what subscribers will be interested to know about. The issue has been resolved and the post “on demand” will certainly be in demand by the majority.

    Favorite Blogspot engine allows you to implement such functionality easily and elegantly .

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