Associated Press Offers Publishers Platform for Mobile Application Development

Original author: Tricia Duryee
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The Associated Press (AP) announced today that it will begin to help publishers create mobile apps for a variety of platforms, including Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia, Palm Pre and Windows Mobile. This solution, which will be distributed on a white-label basis, was developed by Verve Wireless, which previously created AP Mobile .
According to AP plans, the solution should be cheap and help deploy mobile services to publishers who do not have the resources to create their own mobile applications faster. But it will not be free. According to a representative of Verve, the company will take the minimum portion of advertising revenue, which will be aimed at supporting the application.

This news marks a turning point in the Verve business, which used to create mobile versions of newspaper sites like Sacramento Bee, The News & Observer and The Miami Herald. AP, in turn, being a Verve investor, offers this service as a bonus for its members, who can optionally add AP content to their applications. The first applications are expected next month.

In addition, the AP announced today that it is launching the AP Mobile América Latina service, which will offer readers Latin American content, which will also be available through AP Mobile en Español. AP Mobile en Español is available in the United States, while AP Mobile América Latina targets Latin Americans and contains regional, national, and global news content from AP and other local players in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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