2015 content agency rating results

    Hello Megamind! Today we published our first single ranking of contextual advertising agencies for 2015 . For us, this is a new product, we are releasing the summary chart for the context segment for the first time.

    The methodology was based on the aggregation of data on the local tops of the segment published during 2014 (there were six of them). The formula is transparent, anyone can check points and places for each participant.


    The top five ranking included agencies iConText , Blonde , Registry , i-Media and Artics .

    We also highlighted a couple of points from the point of view of market development (on the part of agencies): The

    agent market for contextual advertising remains one of the most conservative segments of the digital industry. De facto, there are no specialized industry media dedicated to contextual topics only; the number of ratings is less than in other areas.

    Of the important trends in the development of the market, it is worth noting the strengthening of the role and position of services for the automation of contextual advertising (two players entered our top - AORI and eLama). As a rule, similar services also provide direct agency services to large customers - or have dedicated agencies within groups of companies.

    In addition, the key trend in 2014-2015 is the development of performance-ideology (which, of course, is pushed by the economic crisis). This is clearly seen from the point of view of a change in the positioning of many major market players, the appearance of specialized conferences on Performance Marketing.

    The local ratings that formed the basis of our chart are based on different indicators, and due to this we were able to get a balanced comprehensive assessment of the participants in our project. For example, the Advse rating measures the quantitative indicators of agent accounts (impressions, clicks, the number of campaigns, etc.), the Runet Rating chart is based on the evaluation of Google and Yandex certificates from company employees, and the Adindex ratings are based on the opinions of end customers. Thus, our result reflects the situation on the market by 360 degrees and can serve as an objective metric for choosing the optimal contractor.

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