Bortnik Fund plans to invest up to 6 million rubles in startup Mobiforce

    According to, the Russian startup Mobiforce received a grant in the amount of 1 million rubles from the Bortnik Foundation under the START-2015 program. Under the program, the project can receive up to 6 million rubles within 3 years.

    The selection criteria for the winners of the program are :

    1. Scientific novelty
    2. Relevance of the idea
    3. Technical relevance of the product
    4. Plan for implementing the idea into the final product
    5. Prospect for commercialization
    6. Evaluation of their capabilities

    Passion for the idea Mobiforce is a mobile service for optimizing the work of traveling staff .


    “The analysis shows that a mobile employee devotes only 26% of his time to his immediate work - to fulfill the tasks set. The rest of the time he is engaged in non-core activities: movement, calls, coordination, clarification, manual completion of documents. These 74% of working hours can be optimized, ”explains Sergey Wasserman, CEO of Mobiforce.

    The competitiveness of the service on the market will be ensured due to the wide possibilities of customization for customers, ease of integration into the company's information system and the possibility of integration with 1C, as well as other systems. Payment for services is carried out on the basis of the monthly subscription fee for each "mobile" employee.

    The competitors of the project are the “ Where are My ” service and the solution“Mobile employees” with the “Coordinator” module from MTS.

    The relevance of the project from a scientific point of view is that the company has developed its own methods for optimizing the time and work tasks of employees.

    “We can say that we help optimize the time of your employee by 15-20%. But now it takes a lot of effort on our part. The immediate task is to make customization of the solution for the client take significantly less time, that is, that the solution is customizable by hand, without the involvement of programmers, ”says Wasserman.

    In order to receive further funding from the Bortnik Fund, Mobiforce must demonstrate sales growth by the end of 2015. So far, the service has only 2 paid customers, and about 20 have not yet decided on cooperation.

    In February, it became known that the Bortnik Fund invested 2 million in the projects “ All Evacuators of Russia ” and PromoAtlas , which entered the second phase of the “Start” program. In 2013, they already received 1 million rubles each and in 2014 managed to prove their commercial viability.

    The Fund for Assistance to the Development of Small Forms of Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Field ( Bortnik Fund ) was founded in 1994 and is a non-profit organization. The activities of the fund are coordinated by the Government of the Russian Federation.

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