Cyanogen raised $ 80 million investment

    Yesterday, Cyanogen , known to many owners of Android smartphones, announced that it would attract another round of financing worth $ 80 million.
    This sets a new bar in the total level of funds invested in the product - $ 110 million.

    Among Cyanogen investors: PremjiInvest, Twitter, Rupert Murdoch (owner of AOL), Qualcomm, Telefonica, Index Ventures, Access Industries, as well as investors of the previous round represented by Benchmark, Andreessen Horowitz, Redpoint Ventures and Tencent Holdings.

    It is not yet known exactly what Cyanogen plans to do with the funding received, but Kirt McMaster, CEO and co-founder of the company, previously stated that he accepted financing only from companies intending to further partnership with the product. Not specifying in which specific direction.

    However, the Cyanogen product, which actually represents “open” firmware for Android devices, which allows adding functions and customizing the appearance of the mobile operating system, can be claimed by a huge number of different companies. So, the Chinese startup OnePlus , which released the very popular One smartphone last year, comes with the preloaded Cyanogen on board.

    Judging by the latest data, Cyanogen intends to go beyond the “fork” of Android by providing a mobile operating system of its own design that can compete with both Android and iOS. MacMaster’s vision is as follows: to create an OS in which the service layer of applications is not tied tightly to itself.

    Transferring this to the current world of Android and iOS, it may look so that the user can change one (any) application to another (any). Do not like Siri - use Cortana, do not like Google Play Music - install Spotify.

    Now that Cyanogen has the means to realize its own ambitions, we can only wait for the results of its development.

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