UBER style business

    In his Startup, Guy Kawasaki writes the following:

    Use a template. Commerce has existed for a long time, and all possible types of business models have already been invented by smart people. You can innovate in technology, market and clientele, but inventing a new business model is a meaningless undertaking. It is better to take as a sample one of the models already tested and proven to be effective. You will still have a chance to excel.

    So did the creators of the service for express repair of smartphones and tablets - iSmashed . Having studied the list of the fastest growing US companies, they drew attention to the iCracked startup, the creators of which are engaged in the modular repair of Apple smartphones and copied the business model in our conditions. According to rough estimates, every year in Russia, approximately half of all smartphones and tablets sold (8 million pcs.) Require repair.

    iCracked was founded in 2010 by AJ Forsythe, a student at the California Polytechnic University, after breaking the glass of his iPhone for the fifth time. The business was based on the concept of modular repair using simple spare parts (replacing glass, batteries, cameras, microphones). At the same time, repairs are carried out by non-professionals who undergo a certification program in the company.

    Traditional service centers also offer the service of leaving the master to the client, but this is not their main business, and leaving the master in most workshops is paid (200-400 rubles). At first, the founders of iSmashed were engaged in repairs on their own, but soon began to hire craftsmen. The startup’s business model is extremely simple and unpretentious: the client names a convenient place and time, the master drives up and repairs the device. The main margin of the enterprise is the price difference for components and the service commission withheld from the master.

    In the near future, the guys plan to create an application for receiving orders in the style of Uber. Due to this, the efficiency of receiving and executing orders can significantly increase.

    A barrel of honey, not without a fly in the ointment: the idea of ​​modular repair is as old as the world and its bottleneck is the inability to accurately diagnose hidden device malfunctions. In this case, experts complain about possible problems with components, or rather, their absence at the right time.

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