Google introduced app moderation and age ratings on Google Play

    imageGoogle has declined to instantly publish apps on the Play store. According to Techcrunch , over the past two months a team of testers has been working on the platform, engaged in the moderation of applications and games. Starting in May, a survey will be mandatory for all developers, which allows you to assign an age rating to the application.

    Premiere on Google Play

    Google Play Business Development Director Purnima Kochikar has been working on the introduction of a pre-moderation system over the past 6 months. The purpose of the mechanism is to identify platform policy violators at the very beginning of the process. For two months, while the system was working, there were no complaints, Kochikar notes. Approval of the application takes several hours, despite the presence of a human factor. The reason lies in the automation element: the company uses software for preliminary analysis - search for malicious content, images with sexual content and copyright infringement.

    Developers in the Developer Console will be able to track the approval process.

    Age rating

    Google has announced an age rating system for games and applications. In early May, developers will be required to questionnaire, necessary to establish the correct rating. The system will depend on the region and is regulated by the relevant organizations, and in the absence of such rules, the company uses a common system.


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