Public Chamber Against "Anti-Piracy Gathering"

    The Vedomosti publication reports a negative review of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation based on the results of the February hearings on the bill on the introduction of the “copyright collection” on the Internet.

    The Chamber did not support the idea of ​​the “Russian Union of Rightholders” (RSP), which in the fall of 2014 advocated the introduction of an additional fee from telecom operators, which is thus called to license content downloaded by the user.

    Earlier, the largest mobile operators opposed the bill on “collecting from the Internet”, and Internet companies deployed in Russia wrote a collective letter to President Vladimir Putin. FAS and the Ministry of Communications are also opposed to the proposal of the RSP.

    Following the results of the hearings, the Public Chamber will recommend that the State Duma of the Russian Federation postpone consideration of any amendments to laws governing copyright until the end of the year.

    The Vedomosti quotes a member of the Public Chamber, Lidia Mikheeva, that "copyright has changed too often lately, and market participants do not have time to adapt to this." An example is the change in the regulation of blocking pirated sites, which will come into force in May of this year: now not only films and series, but generally all types of content that causes doubts or claims by copyright holders will fall under the category of “pirated” ones.

    The conclusion of the Public Chamber also states that the mechanism proposed by the RSP does not solve the problem of piracy, in addition to imposing on users unnecessary services. Recall: RSP proposed introducing Deep Packet Inspection tools in order to “know exactly” through which operators and from which users such “pirated” traffic is coming.

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