Facebook acquires product search service

    According to Techcrunch, Facebook has made a new acquisition - TheFind, a search engine for selecting products. During its existence, since 2005, the project raised $ 26 million, but now, in connection with the takeover, it will be temporarily closed and then reorganized.

    TheFind service made it possible to receive recommendations and compare certain products in stores that the user needed. To do this, you just had to enter a search query there, for example, “sneakers”. Further, the service issued a comparative characteristic of the sneakers located in various stores. It was possible not only to compare product prices, but also to find out the location of the nearest store with the desired product.


    Recall that Facebook just launchedTopic Data service for collecting data on user preferences, and a little earlier, advanced support for targeted advertising was launched . Therefore, the acquisition of TheFind is well within the company's overall strategy aimed at creating powerful marketing tools.

    Over the past few years, Facebook has begun to make good money by providing services to large advertisers. But now the social network is already becoming not just an advertising platform, but a full-fledged service for creating contextual advertising, segmentation and analysis of the target audience.

    As for the fate of the startup bought, some of its employees will go to work on Facebook, the service itself will work in conjunction with facebook.com.

    “For the past nine years, we have worked hard to help you find the right purchases in the right stores easily and efficiently. Now in our work a new stage begins - by combining our efforts with Facebook, we hope to do even more for consumers. Facebook resources give us the opportunity to scale our experience for a user audience of more than a billion people, ”said representatives of The Find.

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