Largest Runet advertisers according to the results of last year according to RBC

    BBDO Digital Agency prepared for RBC a rating of the largest customers of online media advertising in 2014. During the study, the agency evaluated advertising budgets not only on the full-size Internet, but also in its mobile version.

    How was the rating considered

    Evaluation of budgets for banner advertising was based on monitoring the output of advertising messages, which is conducted by the research company TNS Russia. The data obtained was extrapolated to popular sites that are not monitored.

    Possible costs of video advertising were based on a survey of placement sites, and the same approach was used on the mobile Internet, taking into account the availability of mobile versions of sites and applications. The final report did not include data taking into account the costs of promoting mobile games.

    Reports of the largest Russian Internet companies confirm a decline in demand for banner advertising.
    For example, Mail.Ru Group is reviewing monetization processes.

    Experts did not separately disclose the costs of advertising on the mobile Internet, but mobile advertising is a promising area.
    In this segment, according to tradition, automakers prevail, although they have reduced their advertising budgets by 23%.

    Telecommunications operators also did not stand aside and went for reductions. In general, in this category the market lost 5%, with MegaFon showing the most significant decrease of 29%.

    Interestingly, the top ten customers were two manufacturers of consumer goods - Procter & Gamble and Unilever, while their costs only increased.

    On the mobile Internet, the situation is completely different, operators steer and almost completely increase costs in this segment. Both automakers and manufacturers of consumer goods are not far behind.
    Specialists explain the differences in structure with different goals and approaches. Also, in this case, the absence of mobile-adapted sites played a role.

    Some company representatives hastened to note the subjectivity of the estimates, but confirm the general direction of movement.
    RBC also notes that some advertisers declined to comment or did not respond to the request.

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