The wedding service received 25 million rubles of investment

    Restaurateur Alexander Vorobyov, CSKA basketball club player Vitaly Fridzon and have invested 25 million rubles in Wedvice startup, Rusbase reports . The wedding service allows you to organize the ceremony during the day, it includes a catalog of organizers and customer recommendations.


    Wedvice customers will receive an individual site by choosing one of 120 layouts. It will contain information about the newlyweds, their gifts, photos and impressions. For the convenience of notifying guests of changes, it will be possible to do sms-mailings, notes the PR-director of the project. On the other hand, event organizers will receive guaranteed feedback on their work with photos and videos - on the “reporting” site, which will go to the agency’s page.

    The project starts March 23 in 48 cities of Russia. Registration for the organizers is open. The monetization scheme has not yet been disclosed.

    A previous project by Wedvice founder Vladislav Medvedev was Cartezh, a car rental business. The business was sold for 2 million rubles, which they invested in Wedvice.

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