Employment in Dubai, a view from the employer

    Earlier, I wrote about how I was looking for work in Dubai, and now the time has come when I myself began to look for employees in our company. I hope my experience will allow job seekers in the UAE not to step on the rake that will be described here. I would like to note right away that this article is not some kind of revelation, our problems in finding applicants are, in general, widespread.

    So, in our company 2 vacancies opened: one for the PHP developer, and the second for the content manager with knowledge of HTML / CSS and PHP (in fact, deal with content and only in some cases make small changes to the code and / or HTML). We began to act according to the standard scheme: we gave 2 job advertisements on various sites and began to wait for a resume of potential employees.

    CV collection

    In less than a week, about 300 resumes were received for both vacancies, of which only 3 resumes were from chatru.com (the most popular Russian-language portal in Dubai), and most were from www.dubizzle.com .
    First, general data on applicants:

    As you can see, a quarter of those who want to get a job are girls, which for me personally was somewhat unusual compared to Russia.

    This diagram shows that the vast majority of candidates come from India and Pakistan. At the same time, the vast majority of these candidates have salary expectations ranging from 6,000 dirhams (about $ 1,500).

    In the future, work with resumes was divided by vacancy:


    developer About 120 people responded to the vacancy announcement of a PHP developer.

    We had a strict restriction not to hire employees who are not currently in Dubai, for this reason, of all the CVs sent, only 60 remained.

    A letter was sent to each of the candidates with additional questions. The essence of the questions is not important, the main thing is the fact that in none of the resumes there were answers to all questions of interest to the employer, namely:

    1. A list of links to finished projects (portfolio), with comments on what the applicant specifically did on this project;
    2. How much the applicant evaluates himself professionally as a layout designer or developer;
    3. Experience with popular CMS;
    4. Salary expectations and working conditions.

    Out of 60 people, 15 people answered additional questions, of which only 9 answered during the same day, 4 answered the next day and two more answered 2 days later, while one of the applicants did not respond in time to the letter with the appointed date and time of the interview .
    At the end of the study of the answers, 6 people were invited for an interview: of whom one did not pass on knowledge at all and it seemed that someone else wrote a resume and answers to questions. Another candidate from Pakistan was with terrible conversational English, so he came with a translator and, despite the fact that he had good knowledge, we rejected his candidacy. Another 2 candidates did not cope with the test problems and the 2 remaining candidates (Russian and native of India) scored the same number of points and in the final conversation Russian was chosen.

    Work on e-mail greatly simplifies the work, time costs are not very large, but, as you can see, the "return" is also small.

    Content manager with knowledge of HTML / CSS and PHP

    The methodology for this vacancy was already different, we phoned the candidates with the resumes that interested us, talked on the phone and, by the end, if the potential employee was interested in us, we invited for an interview. Of the approximately 40 candidates, 12 were invited and as a result, the right employee was found.

    Calling candidates and conducting interviews took about 2 weeks, while the requirements for vacancies were less. In the future, we do not plan a similar method of working with candidates.

    Brief recommendations for applicants

    1. Your resume should contain all the necessary information for the employer, namely, brief information about you, a list of your work (with comments), salary expectations. Nobody will pay attention to your hobby and description of the rich inner world;
    2. It is recommended to place your photo in the resume, so it will be easier for the employer to recognize you at the meeting;
    3. Attach to the letter, in addition to the resume itself, the so-called cover letter, so it is easier for the employer to conduct an initial selection;
    4. The names of the files sent to the employer should contain your name, for example, “vasya_pupkin_resume.pdf”, instead of “Resume_job_28sep2014_Dubai.pdf or” “CURRICULUM_VITAE_2.pdf”
    5. If you contact by mail, you need to respond promptly, so there is a higher chance that the next day you will be invited to an interview;
    6. It is better to look for work being directly in the city of the employer, you must be a very impressive candidate to be attracted to work from another country;
    7. Write your real skills and knowledge, the reality will still be revealed at the interview, but the attitude towards you will deteriorate;
    8. Indicate the salary for which you are really ready to work, there is no point in underestimating your requirements, just to make it for an interview. For example, the candidate whom we selected indicated salary expectations higher than average than, at least, made him consider his resume in more detail.

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