Citation Ratings for IT Resources, February 2015: Extinction of mastodons. Appearance of a person sociable

    The analytical center Brand Analytics presents a regular monthly industrial citation rating of Russian IT resources in social media for February 2015.

    On the example of IT industry publications, those media trends (MI Tools and Systems) that the Brand Analytics experts noted in the study “The Future of the Internet Media Industry: Through the Prism of Trends 2014-2015” : " ... not only aggregate news, but more importantly, an active readership, commenting and discussing publications, using article links as arguments and factography in discussions on social media . "

    The once-popular Computerra Online and did not even make it into the Top 15 Citation Rating, gaining 2.748 and2.570 points respectively. As a positive example, we can cite the Habra team, which successfully aggregated an active audience, which “successfully” geekTimes “split off” from the main developmental mother tree, and the new project, MegaMozg, which scored 2.774 points in February (+ 1.732p).
    NResource AddressTitleLinks for FebruaryLinks for JanuaryDelta
    1W3bsit3-dns.comW3bsit3-dns.com32 15932 351-192
    2habrahabr.ruHabrahabr31,44127,487+3 954
    3geektimes.ruGeektimes22 33620 832+1 504
    43dnews.ru3DNews17 45514 021+3 534
    5hi-tech.mail.ruHI-TECH Mail .ru15 53621 052-5,516“Zuckerberg Will Call”13,46111 954+1507
    7hi-news.ruHi-News.ru9 51710 220-703
    8iguides.ruAyGides9 4147,375+2039
    9macdigger.comMacdigger7 57010 920-3,350
    10cyberforum.ruCyberForum.ru6 9387 571-633
    elevenIxbt.comiXBT.com6,0807 625-1 545
    12mobiltelefon.ruMobiltelefon.ru5 1396,687-1 548,7084,733-25
    14roem.ruRoem.ru4 5564,535+21
    fifteensecuritylab.ruSecurityLab.ru3 7023 505+197

    For the calculation of the Rating, 745 533 069 Russian-language messages published over the month on social media were processed . The messages have been used by users 1137334451 links to external resources, including 103941950 "short link" (such,, et al.).

    The data sources for analyzing messages were popular social networks and services: VKontakte, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, My World, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, G +, as well as blogs, forums, news articles and comments on them, thematic sites and discussion groups.

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