RBS Continues IT Transformation

Original author: Matthew Finnegan
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RBS Bank continues to modernize its IT infrastructure after presenting its multi-year program to upgrade its technology platforms.

The modernization process, which will end in 2018, will include a reduction in the number of major banking systems used through the banking group from 50 to 10. The number of electronic payment systems will also be reduced from 80 to 10. The

bank also announced investments in infrastructure: RBS introduced separation of batch processing systems, resulting in increased uptime for systems.

RBS had significant problems with the IT infrastructure, due to which an incident occurred in the summer of 2012, which resulted in a fine of £ 56 million, imposed on the bank by the Inspectorate for Monitoring the Activities of Financial Organizations.

Last year it was reported that RBS will create a new IT infrastructure for William's & Glyn.

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