Advanced self-development for novice programmers *

* or for everyone who wants to do this.


This article will focus on methods to maximize your mental, intellectual (in short) and physical abilities (100%).
That is, in fact, this process itself is endless as a person constantly develops over the course of his life and becomes more and more perfect every year.
And this is great, since this true path is infinitely interesting and infinitely exciting.

In principle, this article is intended for everyone who wants to seriously engage in (in short) self-development.

Part I {Planning}

Anyone who takes serious self-development for the first time should always plan everything to make a schedule of the day (rather a dynamic schedule, since external circumstances can greatly affect the schedule itself).
For example, I use the following schedules (Schedule 1 and Schedule 2):

Schedule 1 includes obligations, such as a sutra, I go to the University or Work, then I come home after University and take a maximum of 2 hours for classes, or when I come home after work I take myself 20-30 minutes to rest, after that I devote all the remaining free time to self-development.

The second schedule includes such days where there is plenty of free time, that is, weekends, holidays, vacations and more, here you can devote all your free time to self-development, of course, there should be free time for family, for entertainment and other other things, such the approach is certainly good, but not for everyone, each for himself can make his own individual schedules.

Part II {Optimization}

Now let's talk about some of the difficulties and obstacles that arise on this true path.
The first thing that manifests itself most is the forced refusal of the brain from a new structure of behavior or human action contrary to established habits.

you plan to devote 4 hours the next day to learning the C # programming language, this day comes and you open the book at the appointed time and as soon as you start studying here this refusal effect is manifested, you would like to do something else rather than just torment your mind.

Rewrite the old negative habit into a new, positive one.

The most important thing in this situation is not to succumb to the temptation of established negative habits, such as constantly spending time playing computer games, instead you need to completely concentrate on daily study for 21 or 27 days, so you will develop that automatism called a positive habit.

In our life there are only two important assets, the first asset is between your ears, and the second asset is of course time.
Why should you think about your time?

Time is life

It is irreversible and irreplaceable. Wasting your time means wasting your life, Taking your time under control means mastering your life and using it in the best way.
You need to understand that the issue of time availability is always a matter of control. Control over your thoughts, over your feelings, over the situation in which you are.

In fact, with the help of a schedule and strict adherence to it, it helps us realize everything that we wanted, nothing is impossible. When people say that they do not have time, then in fact they are deceiving themselves and are not effectively using their time, each of us has arms, legs, a head on our shoulders and 168 hours a week in order to correctly and efficiently use our time for (as I said) the achievement of the desired.

Below I will list some tips for optimizing time.

Optimization points:

  • Stop watching TV anyway they don’t show anything interesting on it, a constant cycle of not interesting TV shows

  • Stop playing computer games, anyway they will come out in batches every year, you simply will not have free time for your life

  • Use your time rationally - well

  • Do not let yourself relax during self-development

  • Simply put, if you cannot resist the temptation, it will be easiest to get rid of it once and for all, for example, delete all computer games, delete your pages on social networks and get rid of everything that distracts you

Part III {Stabilization}

In order to stabilize everything in your life, here is what you need to do

  • Drink coffee once a month, if possible replace it with green tea

  • It’s possible to program daily from 30-60 minutes a day, to study more and more every day, I understand that it’s most difficult to start and it’s just as difficult to force yourself to support (motivate) yourself daily, a plan is a plan so you need to stop doing what you did before, you need to create yourself anew from scratch, habits make us who we are

  • He’s in no hurry to be consistent in his plan

  • She goes to bed and gets up in the morning at the same time, for example:

    Working days:
    Morning - 05:07 Get up for 30 minutes, program, drink green tea and go to work or to the University.
    Go to bed at night - 21:00 or 23:00.

    Weekends, holidays, vacation days:
    Morning - 08:07 get up.
    Go to bed at night - 21:00 or 23:00.

  • And most importantly, you must maintain this regimen every day for a year or 4 months.

    • To maximize your physical abilities, you first need to:

      Push out - 10 times
      Pull up - 10 times
      During progress, increase physical activity *

      * example
      Squeeze out - 20 times
      Pull up - 21 times


And in conclusion, I want to say that everything is possible in this world, if you properly configure your mind!
Having suppressed your negative habits and no matter what, never give up!
As Dmitry Yasenev wished to all of us

Programmers - to improve, improve and improve.

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