Microsoft is going to cut 9 thousand employees Nokia

    Microsoft is about to lay off 9,000 employees of the recently acquired Nokia Devices and Services. The cuts are part of the optimization of state spending. In addition to the dismissal of Nokia employees, the corporation plans to close several plants that are now located in Beijing, moving part of the equipment to Vietnam. According to the plan, the equipment will be moved until the end of March this year.

    It is worth noting that the mobile division of the Finnish company Nokia acquired Microsoft in April last year. The deal amounted to $ 7.18 billion, of which $ 2.13 billion was paid for the company's patents.

    The terms of the transaction suggested that all employees from 130 divisions of Nokia, located in 50 different countries, will be transferred to Microsoft. As a result of the transaction, about 25 thousand Nokia employees passed to Microsoft.

    According to the plans of the staff reduction program, Microsoft plans to lay off about 18 thousand people (this is about 14% of the company’s full-time employees). The project to reduce 18 thousand people was presented by the corporation in July last year.

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