Virgin America will offer its passengers The Great Courses

    Virgin Airlines, an American airline owned by Richard Branson, a conglomerate of companies, teamed up with The Teaching Company to launch The Great Courses in an effort to offer passengers the opportunity to self-educate during the flight.


    During the flight, passengers have access to a wide range of topics of recorded lectures, from the structure of the Universe to the history of cooking.

    Movie lovers should not panic; Virgin America's airline entertainment system offers each passenger their own touch-screen monitor mounted in the back of their seats. Available more than 20 films, live television channels, Google Maps, video games and a music library containing several thousand pieces of music. The system also allows you to watch a unique GoPro channel with exciting videos from GoPro users around the world.

    In flight, courses are, of course, free, although the Great Courses websitesome cost a lot of money. Many courses can be downloaded at a significant discount. In general, there is a very flexible payment system. I think that you can try to find some courses posted by users for free, but only for acquaintance (piracy, you understand). Great Courses exist in both audio and video formats. For those who are interested in the subject seriously, just like for students with English that is still not very good, support in printed form in PDF format has been developed. Specialists recommend Great Courses to everyone who wants to conquer the heights of international exams, TOEFL and IELTS in particular.

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