How to order a website and not waste money


Our new article will tell you about how to properly collaborate with a web studio and get maximum results from this collaboration.

Previously, our team and our customers were very sad people. We broke deadlines, and customers were dissatisfied with the quality. As a result, no one made money, and everyone fell apart.


Naturally, such a situation could not suit us. After a long search, meditation, prayers and devotion, we finally found the main reason for all our troubles - an incomplete, contradictory technical task. After we changed the approach to working on this insanely important document and were able to competently produce it for our clients, we all became happy. The company began to earn, customers began to earn, and everyone began to smile more.

Mother Teresa once said: "In order to maintain happiness, they need to share." Following the precepts of a great man, we share the formula found with the community.


We must say right away that, since work on the ToR goes both from the client and from the developer, recommendations are present for both sides. In this article we will consider recommendations to the customer. In the next article, we will definitely consider recommendations for the performer.

What should I do if the Contractors with whom you ordered the site "fixed" the project?

To begin with, let's determine what is a successful project? This is a project that at least recouped its costs during the planned period. All. Including rental hosting and the salary of your manager, who fills the site.

So: If you can’t calculate the income from the project or the amount of expenses, or if the project does not pay off, congratulations, you’ve got it fixed.
Of course, you can blame the developers for incompetence, change them, sue them. But according to our data, in the vast majority of cases, this will definitely not lead to the successful completion of the project on time. Moreover, turning to other artists, you will have a high chance of getting the same situation.

The fact is that a good, savvy customer can achieve the desired result even from a bad web studio, essentially acting as an organizer of work for a poorly coordinated team. And an inexperienced customer who believes that “you are professionals, so do me well” will not get the desired result even by contacting a cool company.
This is important: To be guaranteed to get the desired result, you must professionally order a site.

What needs to be done to order a site professionally?


1. Stop believing that the site is being done for you.

Most customers cannot handle this paradox. “How so, I pay money! I must like the site! ” Forget it. No one cares if you, your wife, or your company’s department like your site. The site should appeal to its visitors. The opinion of your wife or sister can be taken into account only if you decide to make money on them.

2. Well, introduce your client very well.

Damn it, we don’t understand how some companies work and don’t know who buys their services. Remember the previous paragraph? How do you plan to determine a good or bad site if you don’t know who should like it?

3. Stop thinking programmers are smart.

No kidding. Each person is smart within his competence. I program well in PHP, but when you need to whitewash the walls, I’m a fool. Explain your business, your task, scheme of work, your specifics. They do not ask you? Explain it anyway. Refuse to listen? Come to the office of the company and kill one programmer at a time until the manager listens to you.

4. Remember: programming is only 30% of the work on the project.

There are many programmers on the market right now. You can easily find the most diverse. But your customers are deeply perpendicular to how well thought out the database or application architecture is. Moreover, most of the projects on the web, from the point of view of programming, are relatively simple, standard things. Your customers can be attracted only by competent marketing policy in conjunction with well-thought-out SEO. Only a well-thought-out interface can delay them on the site and ensure conversion. Only an experienced analyst can correctly reflect all the nuances of your business in your site. Never. Never order a site until diverse experts have worked on your concept and drafted these documents.

5. TK without a marketing analysis, prototypes of ALL interfaces, an SEO report and a detailed, concrete, unambiguous description of each function is really just a piece of paper.

You can throw it away. Why? See the previous paragraph. Moreover, you need to come to terms with the following facts:
  • No, you cannot make a marketing analysis yourself. Even if you worked as a marketer at Eldorado for 20 years. The web has its own specifics, you must have experience in this area.
  • No, you cannot prototype interfaces yourself. If only because it is a group work. Which necessarily involves: technical specialist, designer, manager, marketer, SEO specialist. If your group does not have, for example, a technical specialist, then you risk developing an interface, the implementation of which will require disproportionately large amounts of money and effort.
  • No, you cannot compose an SEO report yourself. However, this is usually the majority of customers have no doubt.
  • And finally: no, you cannot write TK yourself. Because the detailed description for you, for the programmer, and for the court (in case of an emergency) are three big differences. In short, stop looking for bad, not working ways to reduce the cost of the project and do something useful.

6. Carefully read the submitted documentation and be responsible for key decisions.

You do business. A web studio or programmer has his own business, with its own laws, which may not only be different, but also contradict your laws. The responsibility of the web studio is to provide you with the information contained in the statement of work and reports. And your responsibility is to make the final decision and convey it to the executing company. Do not forget about it.

Where is the happiness?

Happiness comes when you, spending money, effort and time, will observe the successful result of their labors. Because nothing is better than seeing the results of your efforts.


And remember: nothing is worse than investing, treating your client's duties negligently, and then feeling cheated.
Good luck to you and your projects!

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