Crisis is a crisis, and study on a schedule - accumulate bonuses on your demo account 2015 in MUK

When there was a crisis of 1998, one acquaintance did not run to buy furniture, TVs and other equipment like everyone else, but went and bought a lot of thick books on Linux, Unix, building networks and stuff like that (then there wasn’t much information on the network, but these books were quite expensive). And in the crisis, instead of watching TV shows, I sat down for these books, now he is doing well, and now no crises are afraid of him.

We suggest you not to buy currency, but to save bonuses for training with us. The bottom line is this, if you go to our courses, each time you get a bonus, which you can then spend on training. If you have accumulated bonuses for the whole course, say VMware - please go to the course for free. Those. As you study, you save up “money” for your next studies.

As Nicholas Taleb says, crises or “ black swans ” - this is a time of opportunities, you cannot predict them, but you can be ready for them. We believe that the crisis is the most favorable time for learning. We bring to your attention our Accumulative Bonus program for 2015.


example, how it looks to you is interesting to get training in several areas of HP BladeSystem Virtual Connect - 2 people, tuition fees $ 1,100, excluding VAT; for VMware vSphere 5.5 - optimization and scaling / VMware vSphere: Optimize & Scale [V5.5] - 1 person, course price $ 1,600, excluding VAT, SecurityPlus - 3 people, $ 800, excluding VAT.

You have purchased the Virtual Connect technical solution and you need to fully use all the virtualization methods of the network and Fiber Channel channels. According to VMware, you have the task to optimize the virtual environment, improve fault tolerance, reduce downtime. In terms of information security, there is a need to improve control of access to information and ensure business continuity in emergency conditions, managing information risks.
There is some budget in your company for this training, but there are sharp fluctuations with the currency.

Let's make some calculations.

The total budget of the 3 above courses is $ 6,480.
According to the algorithm for opening a demo account in our Training Center, you will receive a bonus in your account - 20% * 2 * 1 320+ 20% * 1 * 1 920 + 30% * 3 * 960) = 528 + 384 + 864 = $ 1,776.
Now the question is in sharp fluctuations in currencies when paying. Payment in national currency is usually tied to the NBU dollar or the interbank or commercial rate, in different situations in different ways. And here, we can discuss 2 things, except bonuses for acquired training.
1. Your discounts
2. Fixed rate, in case the tuition fee is in national currency.

Our Program is posted on our Training website in the promotion section , where by clicking on the Liuti bonuses 2015 link, you can familiarize yourself with the terms of the program by points with notes and features.

To open an account or send an application, write to e-mail: or call us by phone. (044) 492-29-29 (ext. 492; 620)

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