10 sites for job search in Europe

    Job search is not an easy task, especially in the current adverse economic conditions. The European resource Tech.eu, in honor of launching its job search service, has prepared a list of ten sites that will help you find your place in the European sun if you, for any reason, want to leave to work in the EU.

    1) Viadeo

    Location: Paris, France A

    professional social network (similar to LinkedIn), launched in France in 2004, and now has 65 million members worldwide. There are nine languages ​​available on the site.

    2) Jobandtalent

    Location: London (UK) and Madrid (Spain)

    Launched in 2009 a recruiting platform that matches people who are looking for work, with vacancies through linguistic analysis of vacancies and resumes. Declare the presence of 1.75 million users. Jobs are available in eight countries.

    3) Adzuna

    Location: London, UK

    Founded in 2010, a job search engine that collects job advertisements from thousands of sites. Available in 11 countries, it allows you to filter jobs by salary, location, category, etc.

    4) Fiverr

    Location: Tel Aviv, Israel A

    platform for posting tasks and offering their services (freelance exchange), where the cost of completing tasks starts at $ 5. Received investment of $ 50 million.

    5) Tyba

    Location: Madrid, Spain A

    platform calling itself “Cupid for Career”. Designed to provide startups with young professionals. It was founded in 2011, and has already received investments of $ 3.1 million in November 2014.

    6) Twago

    Location: Berlin, Germany.

    Decrypted “Teamwork Across Global Offices” (Teamwork from globally located offices). Freelance exchange with the possibility of teaming up. Four languages ​​are available.

    7) Graduateland

    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark.

    The service is primarily designed for students and graduates. Founded in 2009. Eight languages ​​are available.

    8) Intern Avenue

    Location: London, UK. The

    service is designed for students and graduates looking for work in the UK. In 2014, he made a deal with Vodafone in order to expand the field of activity to other European countries.

    9) Jobspotting

    Location: Berlin, Germany

    Founded in 2013, works with vacancies in Germany and the UK. Algorithmically selects the best vacancies based on experience and skills.

    10) Games Jobs Finland

    Location: Helsinki, Finland

    If you want to work with the gaming giants Supercell and Rovio, then this service is for you. Here you can find work in companies engaged in the Finnish gaming industry.

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