Job advertisement

    It has become a good tradition for IT companies to complain that good developers cannot be found and certainly difficult to lure. In this regard, I want to ask you how you are looking for a job and what do you pay attention to when choosing a company?

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    What is the most effective way for you when looking for a job?

    Does the format of the "announcement" of the vacancy matter?

    What will be decisive for you when choosing a new job?

    • 86.8% More money 1350
    • 33.6% Good social pack 524
    • 74.2% Interesting Problems 1154
    • 31.7% Promotion 494
    • 57.5% Good team and atmosphere in the company 895
    • 50.2% Free schedule 781
    • 1% Other - I will write in the comments 17

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