Do you have a lot of money? Stop being snobs

    In the last two days, Habr has been swept by regular outraged posts about the level of claims and expectations. They say there are all sorts of people here, they don’t know anything, they want millions.

    All I want to say about this is stop it. Just stop it. All this looks like an attempt to assert itself by dousing others.

    If a person comes to you with a claim twice as much as he answered your questions, this does not mean that he is a searchlight and a scammer, or does not know anything. And also suffers from the Dunning-Krueger effect, about which I hear for the third time in a month.
    It is possible that it just does not suit you. It is possible that he does not get his money in vain at his current job, just that his field of activity does not coincide with your requirement a little. And you will not be able to understand this in an hour of interview.

    Perhaps you yourself have not been looking for work for too long and have already forgotten how it happens.

    I was looking for work. And he came for an interview in, for example. Yes, they didn’t take me in the end, and probably also laughed among themselves (although unlikely, the guys are very positive) - I came here with complaints, but I don’t care at all! Maybe they could write a crushing article.
    But there are many factors that affect how you show yourself in the interview. Everything can simply not add up corny. Of course, then I myself laughed to myself about how stupid I was, and ingenious answers to the questions that they asked me came to my mind. Later. And there, to the question “write on a piece of paper a program in any programming language that finds primes from 1 to a million”, you, like me, will write it in three lines by brute force. And then to the question “but accelerate it twice”, you will, like me, recall the course of higher mathematics, wrinkle your forehead and mumble, which you don’t quite remember the algorithm for finding prime numbers. About the fact that you can simply throw out even numbers from the exhaustive search only in the evening. And the recruiter will sit and sigh to himself. And then he will write an article about the level of claims.
    There were many more interesting and funny moments. And in the end they offered me a salary of half what I asked, obviously just to get rid of it. Show, so to speak, your place.

    But you know what? A year later, I was interviewed for a similar position at Cisco Systems. In English. In three stages. Not to the Russian office. Well, with a salary, yes.
    And Cisco Systems imported me to the European office. It’s stupid, probably, to reproach them with a poor understanding of who they hire and generally carry everyone. It's just that everything went smoother and better in their interviews. So it happened. It is unlikely that my level has grown so dramatically over the year.

    So stop being snobs. People are different. But at least half of those who came to you and asked for "a lot of money for nothing" just went through the wrong door this time. Do not be a scum. You then started all this to find someone who is right for you. And do not find out how many people do not suit you.

    PS And here's another funny case, well, it's from a very young age. About 6 years ago I went for an interview, where the sweater admin drove a whole department to watch how he would cut me questions and made me compile the Linux kernel from the source. And then, for half an hour, I humiliated every inaccuracy that I made in the settings of make menuconfig. Like the one that RTC did not turn on without which SMP would not work effectively, and so on with explanations as needed. Before five or six, I didn’t even understand by whom - decent people in shirts and ties. They just sat silently and looked at him like a god. And he sat all surrounded by servers assembled from ordinary computers on makeshift shelves, and he certainly broadcast Linux to them. The interview was in his place as administrator in a small editorial office of a magazine like the one thrown into advertising boxes. To the office of 20 people hold the mail server and access to the Internet. They didn’t have anything else.

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