Show me your beard and I'll tell you who you are

    One long-standing survey showed that many have a beard on Habré. While reading news sites, I came across an interesting article in which the author explores the relationship between the beard and the scope of activities of employees of technical companies.

    The study was conducted by a man named Tamir Hanson, who in 2004 discovered an inextricable link between the presence of a beard in a person and programming languages.Then Hanson so skillfully demonstrated that a programming language was successful thanks to the vegetation on the face of its developers or something like that.
    Grace Hopper did not have a beard, but she was the progenitor of COBOL. But she is not a man to have a beard. Apparently, this “law” does not apply to women.

    In Silicon Valley, everyone has a beard, unless you are a woman or Mark Zuckerberg or you cannot grow it. For everyone else, a beard is essential to success in Silicon Valley. But it should not be simple facial hair. You must carefully grow and care for facial hair, in accordance with your role in the technical ecosystem.
    Below is a guide to beards in the technical field. If you are a woman, ignore this. If you are a man, stop shaving. =)
    PS: with your permission I will leave captions for pictures in English. I think everything is clear there without translation.

    PPS: The article is playful in nature and should not be understood as a guide to action. If you do not have a beard, then this does not mean that you are a poor specialist.

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