Developer Auction: companies trade for the best professionals

    A couple of days ago, the second developer auction ended on the site of Developer Auction . It was even more successful than the first one in September: employers made bets of $ 78 million, and a total of about 200 programmers were “bought”.

    Such a model of employment is very beneficial for prominent programmers whose level of professionalism is above average. After all, such specialists are no longer looking for work themselves, but on the contrary, they are hunted by headhunters from different companies. And in order to get the maximum salary / bonuses, the applicant must hold a competition between them. This is exactly what happens on the Developer Auction website, where companies trade, making the best possible offers to the candidate.

    The Developer Auction website offers profiles of the best hand-selected developers. The selection criteria are very versatile: earlier on the site it was indicated that programmers should either be known in their field, or worked for Google, Zynga, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Yelp or Square, or graduated from Stanford / MIT. But if the programmer has an outstanding profile on Github and did not even have an education or work experience, then he will also be accepted for auction. Creators of the Developer Auction website are profitable to accept and employ as many job seekers as possible, so they are not particularly strict in choosing. In the latest edition of the FAQ even removed the selection criteria for candidates. But still, the organizers strive to observe the quality of the "product" and your profile can be rejected if they consider it necessary.

    The candidate is not obliged to accept the best offer according to the results of the auction, he can accept any other or not accept anything at all. Naturally, his profile is not put up for public display, but is sent only to potential employers in confidence, so your current employer will not know anything.

    True, the applicant himself does not receive any guarantees at the end of the auction, because he is still waiting for an interview with the company.

    Developer Auction acts as a recruitment agency and receives its percentage from each transaction. Unlike regular recruitment agencies, they share remuneration with candidates. If you accept the employer's offer, Developer Auction will immediately send you a check in the amount of $ 3000 to $ 6000, returning 20% ​​of your remuneration.

    At the first auction in September, applications were accepted only from candidates who are willing to work in the San Francisco area, but now Developer Auction has expanded its field of activity to New York, Los Angeles and Boston.

    In general, Developer Auction is an interesting new model for employment, which enables developers to most accurately assess their value in the labor market.

    via TechCrunch 1 , TechCrunch 2

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