Coercion to profanity - "market" management

    Sometimes in IT companies or IT departments, among project management, an opinion begins to appear that a developer after 25 years old is not the same (author's note - “he can’t quickly code ... but writes slowly and accurately”), and the programmer after 30 - a strange social phenomenon, overgrowth (author's note - “very smart, quibbles with requirements”).

    Managers are increasingly beginning to angrily not understand why a PHP developer, like an experienced one, spends so much time ... cranking up a piece of a web page, and fights two days with the task of executing javascript “in all popular browsers”, wasting company money on such “little things” ".

    Achtung! Managerial profane from the “market” leaked into your company, who have no idea what effective work with creative intelligentsia is, and they continue to sell potatoes out of habit and bring cheap dildos to you and the leadership.

    Further it will only get worse, you should not waste time and it’s time to prepare for the coup.

    ProductOwner from the market:


    We are familiar with the path of a typical Programmer, remember it ...

    The beginning of the path

    Some, especially gifted individuals, begin to write code in high school, some participate in development projects in their student years. But the most active phase of obtaining and applying knowledge in practice occurs after graduation.

    The first projects and teams

    Developers first come across large systems and in practice comprehend why you need to leave comments in the code, observe modularity, write automated tests. Large projects are actively reassessing academic knowledge, especially in the field of object-oriented programming.

    An important experience is gained in the course of work in a team of programmers. You need to get used to the fact that there are more experienced and smart colleagues, there are beginners, there are sloppy ones - you need to suppress squeamishness towards someone else's, especially low-quality code - and this is not easy.

    It takes a lot of time to master comfortable tactics for working with team tools (trackers, version control systems). And the tools in different teams are different, you have to relearn.

    First libraries

    I noticed that there are few developers capable of creating high-quality libraries. One out of ten, maybe less. I think due to the fact that it requires an understanding of the REASONS for the emergence of modularity, OOP concepts and an internal, rather than “syntactic” comprehension of patterns. If you managed to confuse and overwhelm a couple of projects in the past, experience will come in handy. And if you sat on the support / revision of Mr. ... a year old, even better.

    Understanding relational theory ... in practice

    Here, a specialist will not be hindered by the experience of designing and then supporting projects with heavy use of databases. I was surprised to find that people seem to be able to program, but they cannot explain the solution of the problem in terms of relational algebra :-) Practice and reading books are necessary — thick but interesting. Another time.

    Broadening the horizons

    Sometimes there are developers who study simultaneously competing technology - in order to better understand the main one. I met such pairs: java - c #, java - php. Really good practice.

    Narrow specialization

    And technologies tend to develop rapidly. Take javascript. Not only is the language “special” in itself (one model of prototype inheritance and closures is worth it), it’s also a dog that works differently in different browsers. And in order to professionally solve problems on it - you need to IMHO every day on specialized forums, study the differences, read articles - in general, keep yourself in shape. A similar situation with other popular technologies.

    Back to basics

    And if you are intensely attracted to the “basics”, where it all came from - Unix, C, and system programming, then it will definitely take the next couple of years evenings :-)

    In general, the older you dig, the deeper you dig, specialize, you begin to understand what is learned from within practice the concept of OOP, you already agree with several programming patterns, hone your skills and see what else you can learn.

    Ops, the developer is already 30, and to whom and under 40 years old. And there is so much more interesting ahead!

    Future plans - narrow specialization, expertise

    Experts understand that the path to managers is fraught with a quick loss of qualification and the acquisition of fighting knowledge of survival in analog systems - counteraction to trolling, intrigue, envy and other spiritual and moral feces, far from slender matmodels, OOP and design patterns :-).

    Therefore, it is better to continue to pump and grow towards an expert with narrow qualifications. Development experts can really earn a maximum slightly lower than top managers in certain types of companies. Good and without dirt.

    Ideal Worker Day

    You come to understand that you need to view technology news every day, at least an hour, to be in the know. It’s nice to use another hour for diving “in depth” - repeat joins types, explore the intricacies of MySQL replication, understand and test the keys of the top command ;-)

    Bang - forcing profanity

    Aha, we got to the topic of the article. The stupid management from the market refuses to understand how a programmer, sitting at the console for the past 10 years, cannot figure out the intricacies of the Oracle database over the evening if he optimized queries from the MySQL database last week? Or why a programmer working in PHP for the last 5 years and creating excellent libraries is horrified when he tries to create javascript code portable between browsers.

    People do not understand that they are forcing the Specialist to engage in Profanity, working on technology that is not well known to him, taking sin into his soul :-)

    What to do?

    IMHO, this often happens in our domestic companies and this is due to illiterate management, managing high-tech specialists.


    Managers need to be taught courses on how to manage IT, damn it, and not to recruit people from the street and put them on the heads of professionals - “you know how to yell and know how to enter the browser, then you will be our project manager”.

    The case may take an even sadder turn. “Cheap” management from the market, feeling its professional unsuitability, poorly developed brain (contrast with the brains of specialists) with strong ambitions and a sense of the illusion of power - begins to just hate developers and madly troll.

    What to do. Fight these werewolf managers. Make fools of them at PlanningPoker and feature demos. Connect adequate IT-company employees: technical assistant, hands. development - it is not too late to build an open and formal business process in which the stupidity and inexperience of project / product management will be visible to the company's management.

    At least the processes will become less emotional, predictable, more independent of the market phrases “I need to launch the site in a week”, “I will fire you”, “I will find a student for five hundred bucks who works faster.”

    If all else fails, do not lose hope and try to find a company in which you want to work for many years, improving your skills and giving yourself to her.

    I sincerely wish all Developers good luck and energy in self-realization.

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