Kaspersky dealt with the "lawyers"

    Kaspersky Lab has long and successfully fought patent trolls. In 2012 and 2013, the company told how it crushed several extortionists. She continues to confront the new trolls, although most foreign competitors prefer to negotiate amicably with them so as not to waste money on legal costs. But for a Russian company, this seems to be a matter of principle.

    Today Evgeny Kaspersky in his personal blog told about another success in the legal field. In addition to patent trolls, the company managed to win a lawsuit against the so-called "lawyers in ties." We are talking about law firms that file class action lawsuits against manufacturers of consumer goods, gather a large army of “victims” and demand compensation for each of them, as well as a fine.

    This business model is also called "consumer terrorism" (industry turnover of $ 6-8 billion per year ). And now the target of the "terrorists" has become a Russian company. But not those attacked.

    Next, the word Eugene (published with small abbreviations).

    Exactly a year ago, we received a lawsuit from a certain Barbara Makhovits and her representative of the law firm Edelson to our free KSS scanner (Kaspersky Security Scan) . Allegedly, KSS tricked the victim into "acquiring a commercial license for an antivirus product."

    I won’t write about how they vilified us in a statement and called names in any way. It’s indecent.

    KSS scans your computer for malware and suspicious programs, system and application vulnerabilities, settings and other features that could affect the security of your computer. According to the results of scanning the computer of Ms. Makhovits, the virus product was not found, but it found a whole bunch of vulnerabilities, including dangerous Windows and Internet Explorer settings, autorun from flash drives and CDs, saving cookies, caching data received via https. Well, and, accordingly, issued the verdict "Perhaps the computer is at risk, problems have been detected."

    Yeah, it was because of this message that Edelson accused us of bullying users! It seems like an unpatched browser is not a threat, and an antivirus can only protect against viruses, and if there are no viruses on your computer, then you don’t need to protect yourself. OK…

    I suppose readers do not need to prove that the antivirus protects far more than just viruses and the concept of “threat” goes far beyond malware. But the court is the court, and there one often has to prove that you are not a camel.

    We have prepared a detailed justification for each of 112 “non-virus” vulnerabilities that KSS considers a threat. They brought real cases of malware that use them to penetrate the system. They even prepared a stand for “live” demonstration of attack scenarios through these vulnerabilities to the court and protection against such attacks using KIS. In general, everything was sorted out for reasoned proof of their position. Out of habit, Edelson tried to overwhelm us with additional requests - we quickly and clearly answered everything, slightly responded :) and suddenly something unexpected happened: the plaintiff ... was gone!

    Yeah, I just disappeared and didn’t get in touch with my lawyers anymore. What really happened there is unknown to me, but the fact remains - the claim is withdrawn!

    Yes, a certain amount of money has been spent, there is no way to return it, but they are certainly not wasted.

    These (and their ilk) guys got a good slap signal that “there is no need to go here”, there is no easy money. And all anti-virus developers now have access to a working case against legal extortion. And if these (or similar to them) guys already started to blackmail you - write in a personal, we will help!

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