A black list of sites may appear on the Internet

    It is with this initiative that the deputies of the State Duma E.B. Mizulina, S.V.Zheleznyak, S.N. Reshulsky and others (the full list can be seen on the Duma's website), who introduced the bill under the number 89417-6. It has already been reviewed by the relevant committee, which decided to submit it for consideration. The text of the bill is published on the website of the State Duma.

    In particular, the bill provides for the possibility of blocking the site out of court, and also involves the introduction of equipment for filtering and blocking inappropriate content that telecom operators will have to install at their own expense.

    If the site is blacklisted, the hoster must notify the owner of the need to delete pages containing prohibited information. If the information is not deleted within 24 hours, the hoster must block the site. If this does not follow, then the provider providing Internet access services will be required to restrict access to this site. At the same time, blocking can be done both by domain name and IP address. If these measures are not implemented by the host or provider, they will be responsible along with the site owner. What will be this responsibility is not reported.
    These measures will be distributed not only on the Internet, but also on foreign resources.

    The registry will include both sites containing child pornography and drug propaganda, as well as resources containing materials prohibited from distribution on the territory of the Russian Federation.
    The creation and maintenance of the registry is planned to be entrusted to Roskomnadzor, however, according to some information from sources close to the presidential administration, it is reported that security officials will also have the right to add sites to this registry. It also provides for the possibility of bringing to the register of non-profit organizations registered in Russia.

    The first reading of the bill is scheduled for July 10.

    PS:The news, in my opinion, is important, and is directly related to the subject of the resource. I will ask in the comments to refrain (as much as possible) from discussing the political component, according to the HabraHabr rules, and focus on the technical one.
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