Ukrainian online store searched because of a broken laptop

    Many people remember the scandal with the largest Ukrainian online store, the activities of which were suddenly taken by competent authorities and whose management had to endure a lot of troubles, the most easy of which was, apparently, moving to a data center in Germany.

    Almost immediately after a search in, similar problems arose in another store - - the second by sales in Ukraine. Both cases gave rise to a lot of rumors and speculation, right down to bewilderment.the eldest son of the president of Ukraine, who was unclear why the online shops were being closed. One of the Ukrainian newspapers decided to clarify the issue finally and sent a request to the Dnieper regional department of the main department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev. From the official answer it follows that online shopping should be extremely attentive to customer service, because otherwise it could end for them very badly.

    In March this year, an unnamed citizen purchased a laptop in the store; There are problems with the device you’ve purchased that aren’t indicated in any way. The buyer who contacted the store in order to replace some components received a refusal from the administration - the reason for the refusal is also not explained.

    Further, the citizen’s actions are unclear, however, the circumstances were such that the employees of the Department of Civil Service for Combating Economic Crime (OBEP) of the Dnipro District Administration of Kiev went to the store’s office and sent the management a request for information on financial and economic activities. Apparently, the administration did not provide the required documents, about which an administrative protocol was drawn up in the name of the store owner under article 164 (Violation of the procedure for carrying out economic activities of the enterprise).

    A little later, as reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, according to the results of the inspection, which was nevertheless conducted, they did not initiate a criminal case, however, the Kiev prosecutor’s office did not issue an official decision to terminate the criminal case.

    Thus, we can conclude the following: the level of customer care in Ukraine is so high that a citizen complained about a disabled laptop, the cause of which, apparently, was found to be so serious that the State Inspectorate of Ukraine for Consumer Protection did not affairs, and the problem immediately took up the Civil Service Department to combat economic crime.

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