In Ukraine, officials announced plans to make money on Internet application traffic

    Something at least strange is happening again in Ukraine: the head of the National Commission for the Regulation of Communications and Informatization Petr Yatsuk in an interview with a well-respected source stated literally the following:

    New revenue can only be obtained through the monetization of access to content services . Telecommunications operators want and have every right to earn money on the transfer of data from Internet applications . It `s naturally. To date, all networks are used only as a transit pipe. As a result, companies do not want to continue upgrading their networks. Therefore, we will definitely develop regulatory documents in the field of regulating access to services, information, content . We are at the first stage - just open the door. And we don’t know what will be behind her

    It is not entirely clear whether a state official of one of the highest ranks, Pyotr Yatsuk, is aware of the meaning of the words he said: in fact, he offers telecom operators to receive money not for communication services as such, but to receive payment for the transmission of data that is generated, for example, by Skype and torrent client.

    Yatsuk proves his thoughts as follows:
    Here is a striking example - Skype. For three years, from an unknown company, it has become a billionth in value assets. She works on the basis of cloud technologies. This company can be said to be virtual. In addition to employees and the equipment on which they work, the main cost of Skype is formed by software. She brings big money. At the same time, the load on the network is growing. Telecommunications operators have nowhere to go. Regulators require them to improve the quality of services - expand networks. But the operators already have no money for this. This is the problem. And if we do not solve it by joint efforts, then it will only worsen.

    So far these are only plans. The question is, what will they translate into reality?

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