Sample translation: In order to comply with the decision of the Desnyanskiy court in civil case No. ..., the provision of hosting services for the site was temporarily suspended until a court decision in a civil case is issued.

    You can see such an inscription if you try to go to This situation is interesting in that the resource is engaged in the fight against law violations by the traffic police (DPS). Records of conflict situations with obvious violations by law enforcement agencies were laid out, activists participated in courts, helping people deal with illegal behavior of people in uniform. Activists traveled around the country and intervened in situations where traffic cops violated laws, etc.

    In fact, they are a very good bone in the throat of organs, their stories are often played on TV, and then officials are forced to make excuses on camera. Ordinary employees also often fined because of them, because they disseminated information on how, according to the law, prosecutors could be held liable for material in case of violations on their part.

    In general, they closed an objectionable resource. The registrar is the same as, but this, in principle, may be due to the fact that it is the most popular in Ukraine.

    In this case, this is not a fight for copyright or a fight against porn, not even an answer to an insult to the president, but pure censorship.

    Perhaps, against this background, the guys will succeed in inflating the scandal around themselves and they will return the domain to them and will not risk further contact. I would very much like to help them in this, because this may be the beginning of the end of freedom of speech on the Internet. Such sites, of course, can easily be hosted in another country, but they will be closed by those who cannot (or are forced to keep editorial staff in Ukraine).

    What the resource is doing can be seen on youtube . True, there are no documents and instructions there, but you can get an idea.

    upd: (according to On January 16, 2011, a video clip was posted on the DK forum, demonstrating a skirmish with a traffic police inspector, during which a traffic policeman in the 7th minute of the video says: “What do you tell me about the rules, don’t read your“ Traffic Control ”, it will be closed soon, I promise you that.”

    upd2: The essence of civil affairs and the details are here: , they promise to restore the site in the evening, moving to another hosting.

    upd3: from Powerslave
    Getmantsev (the trolley major of the special unit of the traffic police) in the summer during a road control raid, in order to mock on activists of the DC (road control), he forbade them to go to the toilet at a post near Alushta. There was a verbal skirmish, the result of which was a video equipped with a song about "garbage" with non-normative vocabulary.

    Getmantsev concocted a lawsuit to protect honor and dignity in which he asked to ban writing about him on the site and remove the article from publication. As a result, they have been suing for about half a year.

    All salt is that the official cannot forbid himself to criticize under the laws of Ukraine. And road control is officially registered by the media. In addition, the traffic police leadership on this conflict in the summer gave Getmantsev off scolding, since he was wrong.

    As a result, on the 10th, it is not clear for what reason the court issued an order to cover the site until the circumstances are clarified.

    upd4: Roller replaced by official appeal:

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