Benefits on insurance premiums will be received by software developers from 30 people

    From January 1, 2012 , the amendments to the law on insurance contributions (No. 212-ФЗ dated July 24, 2009) come into force , according to which the list of preferential categories of employers eligible for a reduced rate of contributions to the Pension Fund has been expanded. They can pay contributions to pay at a reduced rate - 14% of the payroll instead of 34%.

    Starting from the New Year, software developers receive such benefits (whose revenues are 90% generated by software sales) with 30 employees or more. “Subsidiaries” of foreign software companies can apply for a benefit, provided that they are registered and pay taxes in Russia (for example, 700 people work in the Russian SAP division).

    Software developers have previously been included in the preferential category, but only on condition that the company employs 50 people or more. However, a month ago, the State Duma adopted amendments, and on December 3, the President of the Russian Federation signed a law that amends the list of beneficiaries, so that the minimum required staff of the company is reduced from 50 to 30 people.

    The amendments were adopted thanks to the initiative of the Russoft Association, which was supported by the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Economic Development. Initially, the business asked to expand the preferential limit for companies from 25 people, then the Ministry of Finance agreed to only 30.

    According to the president of the Russoft association Valentin Makarov, now we need to seek a softening of the norm that 90% of the company's revenues should come from the sale of software, because many Internet companies that earn, for example, from advertising, suffer from this. Representatives of “Russoft” propose, for starters, to lower the rate of 90% to at least 80%, or to calculate 90% not from the total revenue, but from the income from the main activity.

    We add that the Skolkovo residents have a similar benefit (14% of contributions to social funds instead of 34%), and in the distant future they mayget residents of all other technology parks in Russia if they pass special accreditation. Of the current 100 technology parks, approximately 20-30 can be accredited, after which the Association of Technology Parks of Russia, together with the Ministry of Communications, will punch the adoption of the Law on Technology Parks, which is supposed to include a provision on benefits.

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