Flashmob in support of SimplePrint

    As you know (detailed information at http://ain.ua/tag/prostoprint ), on September 6, 2011 the Organized Crime Control Department of Kiev routed the office of the Internet service ProstoPrint.com, seized equipment and documentation, which completely paralyzed the company.

    At the same time, company employees held out for more than 15 hours, until half past four in the morning, without the possibility of drinking water or having a snack. My colleagues had their mobile phones and personal belongings taken away, they were not allowed to use the toilet for several hours, they were humiliated and insulted.

    The pretext for what is happening is an offense that we did not commit, a provocation planned and implemented by law enforcement agencies. The true reason is the refusal to remove T-shirts with the words "Thanks to the residents of Donbass ..." from the partner stores of the ProstoPrint.com service.

    For the fifth day already, me, the director and the owner of the company, are not allowed to meet with the investigator, they do not take any explanations. Law enforcement officers refuse to communicate with me even on the basis of the summons written by them! Although I was not hiding, I am always in touch and affirm: ProstoPrint.com did not violate the laws of Ukraine, collaborated and will continue to work with copyright holders to create a civilized Internet environment in our country.

    On Monday, September 12, ProstoPrint employees were again invited for interrogation to the Organized Crime Control Department at the following address: Kiev, st. Gorky, 114. Many - for the third or fourth time, while they are NOT written out summons, but are “recommended” to come up with a phone call! Some refuse and ask for an official subpoena - but I have a large team, there are people who are afraid, intimidated and confused (fortunately, they are able to do this in the Organized Crime Control Department), and I have no right to demand from all my colleagues a remote heroism.

    Now ProstoPrint’s employees are no longer being interrogated on charges of copyright infringement - obviously, in this part the prosecution is bursting at the seams, everything is painfully sewn with white thread. Investigators are interested in everything from the duration of the probationary period of personnel to fire safety in the office (what does this have to do with Euro 2012 ???). Employees are offered to rewrite earlier these testimonies under the dictation of the investigator, while it is PROHIBITED to use the services of a lawyer on the grounds that there is no “lawyer supposed to be a witness”.

    I ask everyone who monitors the situation, who empathizes and offers help, to participate in the flash mob - on Monday, September 12, from morning to 16:00 near the Organized Crime Control Department in Kiev, on the street. Gorky (Antonovich), 114.

    The mob has two goals: 1) to support people who come for interrogation on Monday, to strengthen their psychological state and faith in themselves and all of us; 2) once again show the police that their actions are under the scrutiny of people, and people do not require anything supernatural, except law and justice.

    I emphasize: it will not be necessary to stand and hold a rally, I understand that everyone has their own affairs and concerns. Just come / come for 5 minutes at any convenient time, take an action that I will write about below - and work further, implement projects, feed families and children, while knowing that you (really) helped in the fight against the OUTSIDE, which the police continues to repair in relation not even to ProstoPrint, but to its ordinary employees - young children and girls.


    If you are walking or using public transport:

    1. Print the ProstoPrint.com logo on sheet A4. You can get it at this link

    dl.dropbox.com/u/4651429/pp_logo.eps (vector)

    2. If you do not want to print the logo - no problem, just write the words support. For example: “Guys, hold on” or “Police, we are watching you.”

    3. Come to the building of the Organized Crime Control Department of Kiev on the street. Gorky, 114 ( Yandex map ) - this is one block from the Vladimirsky market closer to the center - and attach the leaf to the fence of the Organized Crime Control Department from the outside, to trees, poles near the entrance and in the parking lot. This is a public territory, and they cannot forbid us to do this.

    It's all. From 8:00 to 10:00 I will be near the Organized Crime Control Department building - if you want, come, talk, drink tea from plastic cups. Then I’ll go to file complaints with the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other authorities.

    If you are by car:

    Driving past the Organized Crime Control Department building, just beep a long beep - like we did near the CEC building in 2004. My colleagues, being inside, will hear and understand that this signal is in their support.

    And the police, if they still have at least a shred of conscience, may think about whether what they are doing right is right.

    I really count on your support. I especially appeal to socially active users of social networks - invite caring friends and acquaintances to participate, retweet, like and most importantly - COME. I also really hope for the help of youth and public organizations: guys, send ten activists, let each take ten sheets - and this will be the very, best help. Thanks in advance. Erupt!

    Original: Facebook Denis Oleinikov

    transferred to Dura Lex

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