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    imageI have a dream: one day the tax system will become transparent, understandable and thought out in terms of the convenience of entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, at the moment, Ukraine’s taxation is 181 out of 183 in terms of ease of maintenance and serves to enrich the budget with fines rather than developing small businesses. The simplified system is becoming more and more nominal with the release of new decrees, again and again forcing to plunge into the jungle of bills. It comes to the point that the tax itself is forced to publish letters explaining its own requirements.

    Now we will not take into account the entrepreneurs hidden in the shadows and having their own accountant. Our task: to help those who wish to work legally. Most of them are either poorly guided in tax legislation and are the victim of a monstrous system of fines, or are forced to spend hours on all kinds of forums, fishing bit by bit for information about new reports. It is for such people that we have prepared a small service that allows you to keep abreast of all tax nuances.

    The desire to systematize information on the necessary accounting appeared long ago. The last straw was the requirement of a monthly tax report on the income of individuals. The fate of this requirement has not yet been fully resolved, but the suddenness and haste of changing the number and content of the required reports have shown that it is impossible to hesitate to create an up-to-date information resource. After that, we - a programmer, accountant and ideological mastermind - formalized our knowledge in the form of a mini-service

    imageA taxer is almost entirely composed of an interactive timeline of events. The upper part reflects the necessary reports, the lower - contributions and payments. Each event is represented in its own legendary color. Clicking on an event opens a window with detailed information. We tried to collect it as much as possible for each type of event in order to turn the resource into a full-fledged tax guide.


    The gradient of the event hints at the degree of importance: the closer to the deadline, the more saturated the color. The last day of delivery is highlighted by a bright red line. Starting a business further is fraught with fines.

    Subscribing to the newsletter is the second most important element of the service. In this implementation, it serves, firstly, to remind users of upcoming events, and secondly, an assessment of interest. Our future plans depend on the latter.

    The more people express a desire to follow the news on our website, the more functionality we will try to implement. We see approximately the following order of adding new functions:
    1. Launching interactive reports: the “Generate Report” button will show the form with the required fields. Having entered his data, the user will receive a report ready for submission;
    2. Implementation of registration: allows you to remember basic user data to substitute in reports;
    3. Adding a common tax system;
    4. Adding information for legal entities;
    5. Implementation of electronic reporting: will allow you to send generated reports to the tax, without leaving the site;
    6. Implementation of payment of contributions and taxes: will allow tax payments through the site.
    The last two points are the most interesting and potentially allow you to create an electronic accountant, which will provide the user with a convenient and automated interface for interacting with the state.

    Now Taxer is filled with information relevant for individual entrepreneurs on a simplified taxation system, covering the most commonly used type of employment for Ukrainian IT specialists.

    We count on your interest.

    This announcement is dedicated to the annual report to the pension fund. The last day of delivery is March 31, 2011.

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