Dismissal from an enterprise to be liquidated

    This spring I was laid off and so recently I got a new job as a computer engineer. I signed the URGENT Employment Contract until July 2009, and the reason is not stated in the deadline, it’s just a date (the employer forces everyone to sign such contracts without fail).

    The company soon faces liquidation.

    Later this question interested me, I surfed the Internet and found out that the employer is doing this consciously in order to avoid severance pay. When talking with the leadership on this topic, everyone freaks out and yells at me, shuts up, promises to bang on the head. Although they really violate article 58 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

    It is hinted that no one will be fired AFTER liquidation, but simply transferred to another organization. I did not find anything about this, so I can not judge.

    Question: the employer clearly does not want to pay severance pay, so he is trying to renegotiate URGENT employment contracts, claiming that they are not unlimited.

    What is the connection between dismissal during liquidation and the “obligation” of transfer? What should I do to get the required money from the employer?

    PS They even tell me that since the company is not solvent, then no one will pay me anything!

    Help is needed!

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