Legal music

    Not so long ago I lost all the music that I had on my computer. Downloading the majority from trackers is not a big deal, but I thought about the “legalization” of my favorite albums. Especially in the light of terrifying posts about the removal of computers from the population;) What is legalization? As logic suggests, this is buying licensed discs, or paying for tracks in an online store. More interesting. Suppose I buy disks and transfer them to a hard drive, or download paid music. How can I prove to severe uncles in uniform that I am not a camel? Especially in the case of online shopping?
    The same situation with DVD movies. How to legally store purchased products on a computer?

    I already asked this question in the comments, but there I received only a couple of vague statements. I am interested in the legal side of the issue. What can you complain about and what you can't?

    Thanks in advance to Habr-lawyers =)

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