We shoot corporate video for a penny

    In my publications on Megamind and other sites, I encouraged people to use YouTube as an advertising platform. Video advertising in the modern world is a very cheap, but very effective tool. Readers have many complaints about this thesis: how can it be cheap? Video advertising is one of the most expensive forms of advertising, they say. And if the cost of posting on the same youtube is really cheap, then the creation of a video cost an annual advertising budget! In this instruction, I will use my own experience in the production of video for personal needs and not only.

    Immediately I want to dwell on one point, at the beginning of each instruction I will give an example of a video, so that it is clear what quality result you should count on, and if for some reason it does not suit you, then you should try to find a more professional solution. After describing the process of filming, we will analyze the tools used to shoot these videos.


    Arrangement of equipment We

    arrange lighting devices so that there are no shadows in the background, and the light source is located at a distance of 1-1.5 meters from the lead. On the left, we set the light 2 times less than on the right.
    Background. Correctly select the distance from the background, it is better not to stand close to it, but to move away by at least 40-60 centimeters.
    To avoid distortion of proportions, we put the camera not close to the subject, but a little further and use the approximation.

    The camera must be installed at the level of the person’s eyes in the frame (when shooting close-ups), but shot slightly at an angle so that the camera looks from top to bottom, if you shoot the other way around, the movie’s hero will have a double chin.

    I emphasize again, I describe my experience, while not being a professional operator. If you need more accurate instructions, it’s best to watch a video on the Internet.

    For this type, we shot a lot, I will give a couple of examples:

    Shooting a show with a background, you can say studio:

    For shooting we used: a
    sound (recording on a headset)
    Everything is simple here. A person does not learn the text in advance, but reads the phrase 5-10 times and immediately speaks it to the camera, and after reading the phrase changes the position in the frame so that everything looks natural during editing. Filming was carried out in a simple room (apartment, office), a large sheet of plastic was used as the background.
    unlike the teleprompter, it turns out quite lively.
    Cons: a
    long shooting process, a
    long installation: for 2-3 minutes the video takes 2-3 hours to record and 1-3 hours of editing

    Video blogging, no background, teleprompter

    For shooting we used: a
    Sound (from the camera) The
    teleprompter is a very good thing, but you need to get used to it. It’s hard to read not at the usual and convenient speed, but at the speed set on the teleprompter. There is speed adjustment, but as a rule, if you read at a convenient speed, then it will be very fast. Need to practice before shooting.
    fast recording: 2-3 minutes of video is 20 minutes of recording and about an hour of editing
    Cons: the
    difficulty of mastering the teleprompter


    This is a mandatory and very important attribute of shooting. When the camera doesn’t shake when shooting in someone’s hands (unless this is the author’s idea), the video looks much better, doesn’t it? Of course, you can use any flat surface, but you must admit, this adds a lot of unnecessary problems. I searched the Internet and found a simple tripod for 920 p.

    Paradoxically, the camera is far from the most important attribute in video shooting. In our videos, we used 2 types of cameras: in the first video it’s Canon 550 d, and in the second it’s shot on iPhone 5 (I think any smartphone with a camera of the same quality will do). With good lighting, the quality is almost indistinguishable. Naturally, these cameras are not suitable for dynamic shooting with heavy and varied lighting, but for a static video blog they will do with a bang.

    But this is the most important part of the shoot. If finding a camera or a phone with a good camera is not a problem at home or with friends, then the trouble begins with light. People run for softboxes, which significantly increases the cost of filming. We, seeing prices at 15-20 thousand, decided that it was too much for our hobby and made the light ourselves.
    The recipe is simple. We take 30-watt energy-saving lamps (6 pieces) and make 2 softboxes from ordinary boxes, pasting them with foil. As you can see, the solution is very simple, and it cost us 970 p.

    In working condition, we close the box with simple gauze so that the light does not hit the host’s eyes, and indeed a similar analogue of the diffuser will make the lighting softer.

    An important element. The solution again turned out to be simple. We took the headset from the iPhone 5, attached it to the collar, like a lapel microphone, and recorded sound on a standard voice recorder. It turns out pretty high quality. By the way, if in the case of the camera between the iPhone and other manufacturers, the difference is not noticeable, then the point is not in the smartphone itself, but in the headset. A similar one from HTC did not cope with its task, and connecting iPhone to android-smartphones either did not work at all, or produced extremely poor recording quality.

    We made the teleprompter ourselves from cardboard, glass (or transparent plastic) and a cell phone with a large display. We used the dv prompter program (available on ios and android), there are many of its analogues, but many slow down with a large font size or have very few settings text speed and size.
    Let's turn on some cardboard and scotch magic again. Here it’s better to first see:

    Honestly, they didn’t think of it themselves, but found a video on YouTube.
    The technology is simple: we take glass or plastic, in our case we took plastic from a photo frame. We fix it at an angle of 45 ° to the surface, cover it from above so that excess light does not get on the glass. We install a camera back to the glass, i.e. shooting is through the glass. Below we put the phone with the teleprompter, start the camera and shoot.

    As a rule, simple gluing is possible in any video editing program. We used Adobe Premier and Final Cut Pro - there’s no difference, use what’s more convenient for you. Adobe Premier will cost you from 600 rubles a month, now the software has become much more affordable than a few years ago.

    As a background, you can use a piece of white plastic; if you want a chromakey, then buy green plastic - they are sold in hardware stores, keep within 500-800 rubles.

    If you have a camera of the level indicated above, or you can easily lend it to friends / acquaintances (good enough for now), then organizing a place for video recording will cost you from 1 to 3 thousand rubles.
    The quality of the received video will be several times higher than that which is mostly found on YouTube.
    If you add a camera with a satisfactory quality of video recording to the cost of the video, which costs about 15 thousand new (second-hand - about 5-7), it still comes out quite budget.

    I will be happy to answer all your questions in the comments.

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