How much of your working time do you spend on product manufacturing?

    Survey for programmers who work in the office a standard working day (8 hours). I work remotely myself, and often it doesn’t work for 8 hours to engage in the production of the product. Therefore, I am interested in - and what should be the duration of a “full-time job” with remote work.
    In the concept of "production of the product" I include both the design (writing) of the code and communication on working topics in the tracker, mail, in person. Any process that increases product availability.
    And I do not include time for “breaks”, reading news, Habr, programming materials, telephone conversations with friends and relatives, and other processes that do not increase the degree of readiness of the product you are working on.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    How many of the 8 hours in the office do you produce the product?

    • 4.5% 8 hours 39
    • 6.4% 7 hours 56
    • 18.2% 6 hours 158
    • 17.6% 5 hours 153
    • 15.9% 4 hours 138
    • 18.4% less than 4 hours 160
    • 18.7% I do not work as a programmer in the office 162

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