Apple sets fiscal quarter earnings record


    On Wall Street, the stakes were extremely high today: news from Microsoft, Yahoo, and finally Apple - in the evening.

    Expectations lined up at a revenue level of $ 2.60 per share issued and a record revenue of $ 67.69 billion. Literally, Apple just published the actual results for its first fiscal quarter * in 2015 and they are fantastic.

    Total revenue: $ 74.6 billion - $ 3.06 per share. 8.3 million tax-free dollars per hour.

    Net income for the quarter was set at $ 18 billion, which is a record among all companies during the existence of public financial statements. The previous record holder is Russian Gazprom, which in the first quarter of 2011 showed $ 16.24 billion in profit.

    As for the number of shipped devices, the company from Cupertino managed to sell 74.4 million iPhones of various generations in just 3 months. This record belongs exclusively to Apple and sets a very high bar for Tim Cook in the future, because exactly a year ago, sales were at 51 million.

    But the iPad sold worse this year: 21.41 million devices found their new owners, which is 18% worse than the same quarter last year, when 26 million people bought Apple tablets.

    As for the current quarter, it is expected that after the holidays, the company's revenue will decrease to between $ 52 and $ 55 billion.

    * In the US fiscal year, from October 1 to September 30.

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