How much do top Apple managers get


    Are you interested in how much the current Apple CEO has earned over the past year?
    We all remember Steve Jobs' annual salary of $ 1. I wonder what has changed with the change of generation of executives in one of the most marginal companies in Silicon Valley?

    Fortunately, it’s not difficult to find out, since Apple is a public company, which means it publishes all the financial reports available to anyone interested. This morning, information related to salaries and bonuses has just been updated.

    For 2014, Tim Cook replenished his bank account with $ 9.2 million: $ 1.7 million in direct salary (salary) and $ 6.7 million in non-share income (this means that the amount varies depending on which Apple achieves overall performance in terms of various production and sales parameters). This amount is almost 2 times more than in 2013, when the total promotion of Tim Cook was, roughly, $ 4.2 million.

    Angela Arendts, who is involved in the retail strategy of the company, who recently moved to Apple from the Burberry fashion house, received $ 73 million, mainly in the form (equivalent to $ 70 million) of the company's shares.

    Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer received $ 4.5 before his retirement in September 2014. Again - this doubles the amount of his promotion for 2013. Luca Maestri, who came to replace him, has already received (since September 2014) $ 14 million - 13 of them in the form of promotions and bonuses.

    The boss of several products (iTunes, App Store, Apple Pay, Siri, Apple Maps, iCloud) Eddie Kew earned $ 24 million, of which $ 20 million in shares. This is 12 times more than his remuneration for 2013.

    Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams (Supply Chain Vice-President) saw $ 24 million in his bank account, of which, like Eddie Kew, $ 20 million in the form of company shares.

    A document with a full report (in the form of DEF14A) is available here .

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