Blizzard announced the release of the re-release of WarCraft III in 2019. Open pre-order

    Last night, at the BlizzCon game show, Blizzard announced the release of a remaster of its legendary RTS WarCraft III. The new version of the game called WarCraft III: Reforged will include the original campaigns of two previous versions of the game - Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne.

    In addition, completely redesigned character models, new animations, campaign fixes, an updated map editor and 4K support will be brought into the game. The developers also promise to make changes to the balance of the game, so it’s quite possible that the old tactics and strategies that have been developed by players over the years will not work. The updated WarCraft III will be released in 2019. This happiness costs from 1299 to 3499 RUB on pre-order .

    WarCraft III expectedly repeated the fate of StarCraft, about the re-release of which Ireported a year and a half ago. Blizzard is actively reworking its legendary projects. The first touchstone was StarCraft, after we announced the release of World Of WarCraft vanilla (according to information from BlizzCon, the release will take place in the summer of 2019), and now WarCraft III.

    Intro video

    Campaign Trailer

    Preliminary gameplay trailer

    High-quality re-release of your favorite games is always nice, but knowledgeable people paid attention to two facts: a new balance and a new map editor.

    Objectively, Blizzard has been trying for a year to fully enter the world of e-sports, but she is constantly harassed by failures. StarCraft, due to its monstrous popularity among Koreans, became their local discipline, not widely used in the West, Hearthstone - CCI in the WarCraft universe gave hope for dominance in this segment, but numerous unsustainable updates and too frequent balance changes led to a decline in discipline. This is indicated at least by the fact that most eSports organizations have refused to “sign” professional players in HS. "Dota Killer" Heroes of the Storm was never able to overcome Dota 2 and LoL, being in popularity on a tweet somewhere near StarCraft with an indicator of 3-5 thousand spectators.

    The new WarCraft III with an updated balance could become Blizzard's “golden ticket” to the e-sports market. This game was popular all over the world, in the past, professional players still spend streams on the game for the most ardent fans and record gameplay videos for YouTube.

    In addition, WarCraft is easier to read than StarCraft, if only because of the fewer units. Esports parties in WarCraft rarely go into "deep lay" mode, that is, the number of units on the map is noticeably limited compared to the same StarCraft. Plus, the game has a huge fan base in the face of players in WoW and HS.

    The new map editor gives hope for a revival of the culture of custom maps that users love so much. If you omit DotA, you can recall the numerous TDs (YOU TD, Maffa TD, Element TD, Legion TD), arena maps (Angel Arena, Life in Arena, Footman Frenzy), and even maps that were originally conceived as a joke (Petrosyanschina). All these are plot adventures created by users, a lot of content that was buried under the old engine, not the most convenient map editor and network mode features. The community tried to revive some of this content in custom Dota 2 cards, but they did not get wide popularity due to pressure from the “titular” mode. A reissue of WarCraft may return all this content, which is what the author of the article would really like.

    And of course, we are still waiting for WarCraft 4.

    Since the deceased is either good or nothing, about Diablo: Immortal on mobile devices, which was announced there on BlizzCon, read for yourself .

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