[bookmark] Node.js pdf guide and new javascript tutorial

    We recently published a series of materials, which is a translation of the Node.js manual . In the first publication we were interested in the opinion of the audience about the expediency of translation of this manual and said that it was planned to prepare its PDF version.


    The PDF version of the document consists of more than 120 pages, contains a table of contents, some pictures and all the necessary formatting. Just drop the file into the reader and it's done. Or in the daddy with the literature. Or ... you decide.

    Download PDF version [1.8 MB]

    Today we want to bring to your attention a new tutorial by the same author on JavaScript.

    Here is a short list of questions that it reveals:
    • Общая характеристика языка и его стандартизация
    • Особенности стандартов ES6, ES7, ES8, ES9
    • Оформление кода, руководства по стилю
    • Лексическая структура языка
    • Переменные
    • Типы данных
    • Выражения
    • Логические выражения
    • Прототипное наследование
    • Классы
    • Исключения
    • Функции и замыкания
    • Массивы
    • Циклы
    • События
    • Асинхронное программирование
    • Таймеры
    • Строгий режим
    • Математические вычисления
    • Модули

    We are planning to translate this guide, but before we start working we would like to invite you to participate in a short survey.

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    Does a javascript manual need to be translated from English to Russian?

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