From geeks to geeks: gifts for February 23

    The tradition of giving presents on February 23 is still alive. Initially, the military holiday turned into a purely masculine, so even those who did not serve on this day are entitled to claim a gift and attention. A good and useful gift, not a meaningless trinket. We chose the top 6 gifts that a strong half Madrobots would have liked to receive on this day.

    Portable Wacaco Nanopresso Coffee Machine

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    To: a programmer who sleeps 4 hours a day

    What could be better than a cup of hot coffee, especially in the morning, especially before a long working day? Two cups of coffee. A cup every time you need to recharge a tired brain, especially if there is no automatic machine for cooking invigorating liquids nearby.

    When we saw the Wacaco Nanopresso coffee machine, we were delighted with how handy it was. This is such an elongated capsule that fits entirely in the male hand. It works simply: the upper and lower parts of the machine are unscrewed. Ground coffee is poured into one; boiling water is poured into the other - from a thermos, for example (or a walking pot). Then Nanopresso turns his neck down over the cup. A button on the body starts the pump inside the device, for one cup you need about 10-15 strokes. It turns out a decent espresso with foam.

    Of course, the disadvantage is that the capsule does not boil water, but it does not require any electricity. Such a thing can be taken with you to work, on a hike or on a trip, so as not to be left anywhere without coffee. We have already experienced Nanopresso in different conditions and confirm that it works even in the cold.

    Конструктор LEGO Education «Экспресс Юный программист»

    15% discount on promotional code HABR23
    To: a future programmer who does not yet know that he will sleep 4 hours a day

    When it comes to educational STEM kits, it’s hard not to feel healthy skepticism. But “Express Young Programmer” is LEGO, whose Mindstorms series successfully inculcates a love for robotics to children. Only Mindstorms - entertainment for older guys, and the "Express" is designed for kids from two years.

    From the set is going a small railway. The size of the cubes - like the LEGO Duplo. Actually, this is Duplo, but with cunning "action cubes" that are put in the way and give commands to the steam engine on batteries: turn on the lights, give a signal, stop and turn around. The chassis of the locomotive does not understand, it has a built-in color sensor that reads commands.

    A total of 234 elements in the set, from which the railways of different configurations are obtained. Included —- a typical children's app with lessons-games. The locomotive connects to the tablet via Bluetooth and becomes a game character who will respond to the “action cubes”. A sort of augmented reality level "kindergarten".

    But the mobile application is perhaps the most boring part of the set. What is interesting: collect and reassemble paths, switch arrows, arrange and prevent accidents and "encode" your own scenarios. That is - to play and at the same time learn the basics of programming, with an emphasis on "play."

    Hardware wallet for cryptocurrency Ledger Nano S

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    To: cryptocurrency enthusiast

    After the fall of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has become an even more religious shrine than before: either you aggressively believe in them, or just as aggressively deny them. Those in the first category need a special weapon in order to convert heretics. Such as the hardware Ledger Nano S cryptograph. In

    more detail about Ledger Nano S we wrote here . In short, this is a gadget that stores private keys for cryptocurrency accounts. The private key allows you to withdraw and transfer money. Therefore, it is desirable that outsiders do not recognize him. The hardware wallet is connected to the computer only for the duration of the transaction, and the rest of the time, the keys are kept safe outside the Internet.

    A person who has not encountered a cryptocurrency, it is difficult to understand why such difficulties are generally needed. Why not write the key to the USB flash drive? The answer is simple: the owner of a cryptocurrency works by itself as a bank and no one will compensate him for lost coins. Having at least a few hundred dollars in a cryptocurrency, you begin to be sensitive to security issues.

    How does the Ledger wallet differ from the notorious “ordinary flash drive”? It incorporates a separate chip that is responsible for data integrity. The wallet has separate keys and a PIN code, without which they cannot be used. You can’t restore a lost flash card, and you can redeploy the Nano S wallet to another similar device, knowing the code phrase. Additional level of protection: screen crypto wallet. The attackers hack into the computers from which the cryptocurrency is paid. Nano S displays transaction data on the screen, so the owner always understands what is happening.

    We ourselves use these wallets. We confirm: it is convenient, and there have never been any data loss incidents (fingers cross).

    Backpack Quiksilver X Pacsafe Anti-Theft

    15% discount on promotional code HABR23
    To: the geek-traveler

    Quiksilver X Pacsafe Backpack is a harsh accessory that is suitable for hiking, traveling and traveling around the city. It is roomy and has a volume of 40 liters, is placed in hand luggage and equipped with a system of protection against theft.

    The Pacsafe team equips all their bags and backpacks with protection systems for pickpockets and thieves, and therefore offers practical solutions to real-world problems. There are three of them: 1) bags are stolen, because the owner is distracted; 2) bags are cut or even cut from the shoulder; 3) bags and especially backpacks unnoticed by the owner open.

    The backpack is protected from all three troubles. So that it will not be taken away while you are having dinner in a cafe, it is fastened to the table leg with a special PopNLock lock. It is impossible to cut either a backpack or its straps, since they are reinforced with steel mesh and slings, respectively. The zippers of the pockets are blocked, and the zipper of the main compartment is locked.

    The best part is that the owner instantly closes and opens all the locks of the backpack. Let's be honest: this is because he sat for half an hour with instructions and learned how to use a backpack. Can a pickpocket learn how to open Pacsafe backpacks too? Maybe, but if hundreds of potential victims are walking around with unprotected bags, it makes no sense to touch tricky locks.

    The volume of Quiksilver X is 40 liters, it has compartments for small items and a pocket for a laptop with a diagonal of 15 inches. The backpack is square, because it was conceived, among other things, as an ideal carry-on baggage for Western air carriers' planes (not for Victory with its draconian rules). A pleasant moment is the drawstring on the sides, so that the contents of the backpack do not dangle while you are jumping along the mountain paths or between the St. Petersburg snow drifts.

    Backpack Pacsafe Vibe 20

    15% discount on the promotional code HABR23
    To: an avid hacker

    Backpack Pacsafe Vibe 20 is actually called a daypack. The word coined by Western marketers, so that each time not to say "small backpack". These backpacks are designed for day trips or daily commuting.

    This does not mean that the Vibe 20 is quite small. Its volume is 20 liters, divided into internal and external compartments. In the backpack fit a pair of jackets, a pair of books, small gadgets like mirrorless and a 13-inch laptop, for which there is a separate pocket on the back. Instead of a laptop, you can take a hydropack and thread it through a specially provided opening under the handle of the backpack.

    Spaciousness of Vibe 20 well masks the small width and impressive length. The outer compartment reaches the very bottom of the backpack, so that it is there not for beauty, but for use. It provides all sorts of pockets and pockets for small items, including a carabiner for keys. There is also one shielded pocket (with protection against RFID attacks) for carrying plastic cards.

    Like the Quiksilver X Pacsafe described above, the Vibe 20 is protected from attacks by small intruders. Protection is almost the same: steel mesh in the fabric, steel slings in the straps and a detachable lock for them, a lock for fixing the "dogs" of lightning in place. By the way, there are holes in the Pacsafe locks - this is for a separate padlock. With him the backpack becomes completely invulnerable to any attempts. Paranoid dream!

    The straps of the backpack are fixed on the chest with a tie to make it easier to carry on hikes. Vibe 20 sits well on the back and therefore does not obstruct movements.

    IZi robe

    10% discount on promotional code HABR23
    To: comfort lover

    If you want to do something well, do it yourself. IZi has created a bathrobe and created it in Madrobots when we are tired of choosing between a bathrobe and a bath towel. In fact, the Khalatenza is a hooded tunic with a kangaroo pocket to be worn in the pool, bath or at home. Unlike a bathrobe, it absorbs water well. Unlike a towel, it does not come off right at you at the most inopportune moment.

    It is made of high quality terry cloth, and it is a pleasure to wipe them clean. It is also pleasant to wear thanks to a well-thought-out universal cut. If you do not believe, take a look at the flagship store Madrobots in Belarus and ask for a copy. It is possible that you will leave already in Chalatenza.

    These and other products you can purchase in our online store. Until the end of February, a discount on promo code HABR23 is valid for products from the list. Take a look at our gifts section for real superheroes and don’t forget to show or hint loved ones to your loved ones, otherwise you will be left with socks again.

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